Deluxe Lace Fabric Online $1 Per Yard Fabric Online

No matter if you're an experienced sewer or a DIYer, Lex Fabric is the best store to get your fabrics. Pick up lace, linen, upholstery fabrics, and suit fabric in-store or through our online shop. Lex Fabric has voluminous, updated stock of fabrics, so we're sure you can find what you need. With a selection of patterns, textures, and colors, your sewing project will meet your demands. Our knowledgeable staff can also help you with any concerns you may have with your sewing project. Lex Fabric has been exceeding customer satisfaction for 30 plus years, and we're devoted to providing our customers with the fabrics they want. When you have a larger sewing project, we sell our product by the yard. Reach out to Lex Fabric at 305-685-2666, visit our store, or look through our inventory online. We've worked diligently to earn our trusted reputation as a fabric store in Miami and we're not going to change our ways.

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